Fire Sprinkler System Design

Plan with pen and ruler

Barnstead Developments are fully qualified in fire sprinkler system design. We are able to assist with all types of development from Domestic systems through to Commercial systems.

We work with individuals, architects, and design consultants whilst liaising building control. This ensure that we get the design right from the building and client.

The design of the sprinkler system is more demanding than it first appears. The design must ensure each sprinkler head is positioned to ensure that each room is covered correctly to comply with BS9251. We also try to be as sympathetic as possible to the look of the room as a home.

Once the designers get the sprinkler positions plotted they can then start to work out the pipe routes and sizing.

All the pipe sizing and positions of sprinkler heads are check use the latest computer software to fine tune the design.

All the designs take fully into account BS9251 and any relevant guidance documents.

Our Design Specialists

Our designers are fully qualified and independently certified to give you peace of mind that your system is designed to the optimum specification.

The process starts with receipt of suitable drawings of the building to be fitted with the sprinkler system. Our engineers will then design the system in conjunction with your input on sprinkler position. The engineers then ensure the design meets all criteria of BS9251. This includes full hydraulic using our specialist software. This ensures that the sprinkler heads in the system will perform in accordance with British Standards. It also ensures that the design is the most cost-effective for the customer.

Our designs are then forwarded for client approval. Once approved the full design document with working drawings will be completed for the installation team.

Completion and commissioning of the Fire Sprinkler System

On completion of the system installation, the engineers will carry out the full commissioning including a flow test. The flow test results and design calculations will be cross-referenced to ensure compliance with the design and relevant standards.

The design engineers will then provide a set of “as fitted” which will then form part of the manual or users guide for that particular property.